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"I want to stand on a roof top some where and yell The Fibro Wellness People Body Support to people. I am a retired nurse of 35 years and have suffered so bad for the last 14 years its unreal. I meant it when I said I have been put on Lyrica and Neurontin both and couldn't take neither because they caused 2 plus pitting edema in my feet and legs. I have gotten a lot of relief from steroids but they have caused me to gain a total of 75 lbs, and I have never been a heavy person until now, so now I'm fighting that battle and steroid weight is VERY hard to lose. Yes you can use my WHOLE name and anything else you want to use. I absolutely want to just shout, I am so happy."

  • Paulette Millet*
  • TN

"Last Monday I was at my wits end. After suffering with Fibro for 15 years, and for the last six suffering from back pain which I was told was sciatia. Six years of cortisone shots, therapy, anti inflammatory drugs. Finally I could not take it anymore, going to bed and getting up just did not seem worth it anymore, I was in to much pain. I got online and found your site and order The Fibro Wellness People Body Support. It came so fast, I started taking it on Wednesday and by today Wednesday 1 week later I can't tell you how well I am feeling. I had gone to a second orthopedic doctor who told me the pain in back was from the Fibromyalgia, Sciatia would be in a different area. He actually knew about Fibro!

I want to thank you for actually saving my life. I have been to doctors, I even got Cymbalta samples. I just could not bring myself to take them. They seemed like poison.

In addition to The Fibro Wellness People Body Support I have found a holistic doctor and I cannot tell you the difference in my body. I finally am feeling like my old self before pain.

I am continuing to spread the word about your site and product. Thank you and I will continue to order and support your site."


  • Jo Marie*
  • NY

"I was seriously ill with fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, including insomnia. Fortunately, I read in one of the newsletters from one of the FM support groups that patients are greatly helped by The Fibro Wellness People Sleep Support. But it is true: the Sleep Support has been helping me to get the sleep I've been missing for YEARS. I now fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night, and wake up refreshed and awake after 7 to 9 hours; whereas I had for years been sleeping 11 to 12 hrs, having to be awakened forcefully by my husband, and remaining hypersomnolent throughout the day --- an unending vicious cycle....... So thank you for The Fibro Wellness People Sleep Support."

  • Dr. Rosi*
  • KY

My name is Cassandra and I have fibromyalgia. My mother came across the pill fibro about 2 months ago and I have been taking it twice a day. This pill is my life savor!

Usually when I have a crash it takes a few days to get back on my feet but with these pills a crash might last that day but no longer. This pill works. I have doctor after doctor giving me pills that are mainly for the pain but for me I am not always in pain. I am typically more confused or weak and so taking the pills my doctor has given me don’t really help. Instead I am taking a pill everyday that I only need on occasion. That is why I am grateful for fibro. It helps with the everyday symptoms and strengthens me. You can take up to 4 a day which allows me to take more on my worse days and it gets me back to the perfect me.

I have felt lost and angry for the last year because I am 23 and feel like I have had to live a life as if I were 50. For the last month because of these pills I finally feel 23 and I am so grateful to have my life back.

I am Cassandra and I stand by these pills!"

  • Cassandra*

"Hi there! I am an artist in south east Alaska. I started on the body support system and WOW! It's been a week with enormous changes. I am still aware of my pain but it not controlling my every move. I am so happy for this discovery. I am sharing the news with everyone I know."

  • Kija E.*

"You have saved my daughters entire future! As a young woman full of hopes and dreams, this illness is devastating! My heart ached for her, as any mothers would. I began researching the disease and found many vital nutrients needed to minimize the impact in her life. I shopped around and found that buying these nutrients individually would be difficult for a young college student. When I found this product, my relief was profound because it held such promise at a small percentage of the price of each seperate nutrient. The improvement in her life was well worth the money. We are very happy with the product and the results!"

  • Mardi H.*

*The testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results. Results may vary.

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